Leanne Sigvartsen

Helping students and academics succeed

I want to see students and academics succeed. I have dedicated my career to assisting young adults, and the academics that teach them, in reaching their academic, professional, and publication goals.

Mentor. Advisor. Motivator.

Leanne Sigvartsen has successfully worked with young adults for the past 20 years, helping them achieve their academic and professional goals.
For the past 11 years, she has also worked with tertiary level faculty too, project managed research, edited scholarly publications, and assisted in program development. See some of the research projects she has worked on and academic resources she has developed by visiting her portfolio page.
She initially trained to be a youth and young adult psychologist in Australia, with her two graduate research theses focusing on sexism and gender issues among young adults in the workplace. She has also undertaken additional professional training in business administration and development of competency-based learning programs in tertiary education settings. She has lived and worked in Australia, the USA, and Germany and is a triple citizen of Australia, the USA, and Malta.
She is a dynamic, solution-focused critical thinker with a ready smile and a listening ear. She has a particular talent for simplifying complex research and policy and communicating it both verbally and in writing to identified target audiences. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills also allow her to assist students and academics to successfully navigate their universities, funding organizations, and publishers. She is dedicated to professionalism and integrity as well as equity, inclusion, and diversity.


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